Fossil Connected Watch for Android / Blackberry: Specs and Release Date Unknown

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Looks like there is an emerging market right now for devices that is connected to your smartphone and small enought to be unnoticable in during polite conversations or meetings. The watch is one of the smallest things that you can wear with a clear enough view of it’s face, so Fossil has decided to upgrade the overall function of a watch into something that James Bond and Business people will be drooling to get their hands on. Here is the news about the Fossil Connected.

Although the device is still in it’s concept stages, what is already known about is may revolutionize the way watches are worn and used. The timepiece is designed to interact with Android Smartphones or BlackBerry’s via bluetooth connectivity. It will show relevant info such as Caller ID, Text Notifs, Time and Date, Weather and Email Notifs.

The sheer utility of a concept has already been in the market, like the SPOT or even the Sony Ericsson LiveView (minus the watch strap of course) and both have already crashed and burned. With this current entry to an emerging market, there is hope yet for small device that can serve as discrete device monitor.

According to Robert Scoble, they are already making the rounds in Silicon Valley to get money to produce this, and if it ever gets released, expect the price to be around $200.


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