Fourth Skyrim DLC: Summerset Is Fake, Only A Rumor

Posted on 06 April 2013 by author

Less than two years after its release in 2011 and after getting three downloadable contents within the same period, it looks like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting a new DLC, the fourth in a row and it’s been named “Summerset”. A screenshot has provided the clue to make the rumors commence circulation but a confirmation has to be made. It means that the previous name Redguard will be overtaken by Summerset after all. But rumors are just rumors and no one is exactly sure about the final name.

The action role-playing video game is developed  and published by Bethesda games companies and its gameplay is centered on defeating the dragon Alduin who is prophesized to destroy the world. Skyrim has been continuously updated with the successive release of three DLC’s: the Dawnguard, the Hearthfire, and the Dragonborn. The next DLC could be something that will re-ignite the senses of gamers out there.

However, the lack of confirmation and even a hands-on of the purported content also provide a sense of disbelief to the disappointment of Skyrim’s fans who have presumed that the rumor, the leak or the information is fake from the start. The only thing that matters most this time is that the 4th DLC is indeed forthcoming with no exact or clear date of release and other details.



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