Futulele Ukulele App: Download and Release For iPhone & iPad

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There is something cutesy and childlike about ukulele-playing that either can make a person adorable or in high school-speak, dorky. Doing so especially in public screams “look at me” but now, there will be a different flavor to the attention when people see you strumming on an iPhone+iPad Hybrid using the aptly titled ‘Futulele’ App.

Made by Amidio, this synthesizer connects the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth thereby creating a simulation of the popular musical instrument. Musical Apps (especially virtual guitars which are perfect for these touch-operated i-devices) are not new to these Apple gadgets but it is the first time to combine the two to make another virtual instrument. Just like the other aforementioned musical apps, this works by using the smaller iPhone as the fretboard and the iPad as the body and is played just like a real guitar; by pressing chord groups and strumming across the strings.

Limitations posed by the size of the virtual fretboard can be remedied by pre-programming chord sets.

This might not be that significant an innovation if we center on the fact that it is just a virtual version of a nondescript instrument but looking at it from a marketing standpoint, this just might open up a new tech trend of combining iOS devices instead of just synching them together.

Rumored to be optimized for the iPad 3, the Futulele App will be available in April. Check out the demo below.



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