Future Google Headquarters (Bayview) Until 2015

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Googleplex is about to get a new campus, well beside it actually. The company has just announced that a structure to house some nine roughly alike buildings, most if not all of which will be four-storey high is underway. This structure is dubbed as Bayview which will soon rise at the Google’s city, next to Googleplex and on the grounds of NASA’s Ames Research Center to be specific.

According to the report, the company takes on Seattle-based NBBJ’s expertise to design its new facility which is an extension of the company’s aesthetic. Google Bayview will be built in an area of about 42 acres.

All the building that consist such campus will be shaped like rectangles that have been sort of bent towards its center with some having green roofs. Also, these rectangles are arranged in such a way that they give way to large and small courtyards.

A number of bridges connect all the buildings; one of which leads to a gathering space and an outdoor cafe. The company said that the design is done specifically to pamper the employees and as to make them able to work on natural light which of course conserves energy as well. Googleplex is also said to have workout gyms and sundry perks, among other stuff that the workers might need.

Being seen as a major benefit to Google’s hometown, Mountain View, California- where 30+ percent of over 37,000 Google workers can be found- the said expansion project is expected to be done by the year 2015.



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