Geinimi Android Trojan / Virus: Threat and How to Remove — Impossible?

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New Year, New Virus!

That’s right. A new Trojan virus has been found lurking around the most modern Android smartphones of today. Generally called as the “Geinimi Android Trojan”, this advanced type of virus is capable of stealing personal information from an Android phone. Aside from that, it also has the capability of sending the stolen data to a remotely accessed PC.

The virus was first discovered in China and is considered to be the first Android malware that has the ability to attack autonomously and automatically.

How does it spread?

The Geinimi Trojan affects host applications. Thus when an affected app is launched on a user’s phone, the virus begins to collect important information such as location coordinates, device identifiers, etc. Gathered data will then be transmitted to remote servers within a span of five minutes.

Furthermore, the virus can also prompt a user to install and uninstall a certain app.

Can it be prevented?

To avoid being infected by the said virus, it is important to:

  • never download apps from unsecured and malicious sites
  • download and install a mobile security app called Lookout
  • be aware of abnormal phone behaviors (apps being installed on its own)

And though the Geinimi has not yet been found in Google’s Android Market, Lookout’s Android Security team continues to extend its efforts in tracking the Trojan’s nest. For more details about this virus, visit blog.mylookout.com.


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