Geohot and Fail0verflow Sued by Sony for Pirating PS3 — End of PS3 Jailbreak?

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Who would’ve thought it would come to this point? Okay, maybe perhaps you did, but did you expect the retaliation of PS3 would be this quick and this serious?

For those who are living on the frigid mountains of Tibet, you should know that two weeks ago, a hack coming from Fail0verflow managed to wow all the nerds in town announcing that Playstation 3 has a serious flaw in its hardware making anyone create their own key to pirate any games they want. Geohot surely did take the challenge and announced his feats on the web and just yesterday, this pirated castlevania was unearthed from the gamingsphere hacked by a undisclosed group of individuals.

I thought Sony would just kid on these hackers but ouch, I was wrong!

If you’ll look at geohot’s site, the post says he’s on legal trouble packing along with two .PDF files containing a sue order from the Northern Californian District court which was called upon because him (george hotz) and the group of Fail0verflow have ‘circumvented effective technological protection measures, to access / copying playstation 3 computer entertainment systems and other copyrighted works. Aside from that, there are several more hacking issues that’s being charged with geohot and his gang that leads to the violation of DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyrights Act).

These boys would be in the court next week and Sony is asking for impoundment of any of these paraphernalia’s that were used for the hack (hardware and software materials). So much for being a hacker huh?


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