Get Your Google Back Helps You Find Chrome Browser on Windows 8

Posted on 27 October 2012 by author

Now that Windows 8 is already in full swing, Google loyalists have been trying to put their feet back on their territory which is now controlled by Internet Explorer and Bing. To help them restore or add Google Search and get the Chrome apps, Google launched its ‘Get Your Google Back’ official site along with an entertaining video that will definitely make the whole process both fun and satisfying.

Once you get back the Google Search app, you would notice that it comes with a clean and familiar user interface. It has the new voice search feature which allows users to voice out questions effortlessly. You can hone your swiping skills with the app’s image search and image previews too. Of course, you can easily get the results you needed in a snap with the Google Instant. Moreover, doodle fans wouldn’t have to worry about missing a special occasion as they can still see their homepages and Google tiles smothered with unique and catchy doodles.

The Chrome browser is still the familiar and well-liked browser with enhanced features to cope with the touchscreen technology. Users can take full advantage of the larger buttons and be delighted with their ability to keep their Chrome app open 24/7 as it’s placed side by side with other popular apps. You are assured to get the fast and safe web experience that Chrome has been famous for on any of your favorite gadgets and devices.

To get back that ‘googling’ old feeling, you simply have to visit Google’s official site and start installing.



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