GM Windows Of Opportunity: Technology On Car’s Windows Unveiled

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It is only normal for travelers to experience boredom during long hours of travel especially if you are on the backseat. That is why General Motors challenged its Research and Development Team as well as the students from the Future Lab at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel to come up with a new way of helping rear passengers particularly children to have a more exciting and richer experience while on the road. This project was called the Windows of Opportunity Project, which was inspired by the results of psychological studies that most car passengers often feel disconnected from their environment.

GM asked their research and development team to think of interactive ways to remedy this problem and finally the research led to the Windows of Opportunity Project. Through this project, technology interface design will be provided to rear passengers because as we all know it is only the driver and front seat passenger who often experience the use of these interactive displays in cars. These advanced types of windows will eventually bridge the connection of the rear passengers to the environment thus, resulting in a richer experience while on the road travelling.

As of present, GM has no immediate plans yet of putting these interactive displays into production vehicles, but they have encouraged the students of Bezalel to create applications without thinking whether it will mass produced or not. Some of the apps created include the following:

  • Otto – an application featuring an animated character that is projected over passing scenery and allows passengers to learn about their environment in fun ways.
  • Foopu- an app that allow passengers out there to explore and discover things through finger drawings on the car’s window.
  • Spindow- an app that allows passengers out there to take a peak around the globe through the user’s window.
  • Pond- an app that allows its passengers to stream and share music with other cars on the road.

So how would you love to have these applications into your car? This project is truly priceless because it has been made designers and scholars that belong outside the automobile industry. More to see in the video below.


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