God Particle Finally Discovered, Still Hiding In The Dark

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Apparently, one of the secrets of the universe has been discovered thanks to Physics. Scientists over at CERN or those intellectual individuals that play with the Hadron Collider can finally confirm the existence of the Higgs Boson particle or the one known as ‘God Particle‘. Confirmation of the particle would be one the biggest achievements in the history of Physics.

As a background for those outside the Physics loop, the Higgs boson particle is named after Peter Higgs, an emeritus Professor of Physics at the Edinburgh University. Said particle has the moniker God Particle as this was based on the popular particle Physics book entitled The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question? written by Leon Lederman. Lederman coined the term because the particle is considered to be the very fundamental particle in physics. Moreover, it is very essential in the understating of matter by scientists. The term did get some media attraction however scientists weren’t really happy with it as it overstates the importance of the particle itself. According to the experts, although its discovery was considered to be a feat, there are still a lot of questions to be answered such as the unification of Quantum chromodynamics, electroweak interaction and gravity and of course the ultimate origin of the universe.

Based on rumors spreading, scientists are about to announce a four sigma level discovery which implies that the science guys are 99.99 percent certain that the Higgs boson particle does exist. Two groups of scientists – CMS and ATLAS – that were running independent and secret experiments from one another are said to have uncovered the particle.

It may be noted that the Higgs boson particle is an invisible entity that surrounds all things where its interactions with particles is the reason for its mass and this is responsible for holding or binding atoms, matter and the universe. Existence of such particle is the basis for much of the debate on how the universe came about.

Experts are saying that if such particle exists, there will be the need to revisit and revisit theorems on physics.

CERN is expected to hold a press conference on July 4 and five leading theoretical physicists are invited into the event including Peter Higgs.


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