Google Chrome 19: Download and New Features Confirmed

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Search engine giant Google has recently announced news of testing versions of their Chromes, both the operating system and its browser counterpart. Update for the browser, known as the Chrome 19 beta, features the ability of syncing tabs to several devices which you have used for signing in to your Google account.

This has been a helpful improvement as many users utilize more than one device when connecting to the Internet. This high level of connectivity has always been appreciated, although the issues that go with it have become a nuisance. For instance, to move from web browsing in one device to another one typically leads to loss of the websites that you have been checking out. Chrome 19 beta deals with this by demonstrating tab synchronization between/across devices.

As you work on your PC at the office, you no longer have to email yourself a list of the links of the websites you were browsing at work. Rather, if the Chrome 19’s beta version has been installed in more than one of your devices, you can sign in to your account, head home, and simply check the “Other devices” option that can be found on your new tab page. The menu will provide you with a list of the tabs and links that were opened in another device or computer.

Aside from the ease of loading these up, you also get to preserve the browsing history of the individual websites you have checked out all throughout the day, thus easier tracking regardless of the device you’re using. In addition, the newest beta version includes certain bug fixes and tweaks with which concerns with the Nvidia GPUs that use 3D graphics as well as incognito windows have been addressed.

Such web browser has been offered for Windows, Mac, and Linux users alike; for more information, you can head over to the official review page for the Google Chrome 19 Beta.


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