Google Co-Founder Believes Hollywood, Apple & Facebook Will Destroy Internet

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In an interview with The Guardian, Google co-founder expressed his concerns on the future of the World Wide Web. According to Sergey Brin, the Internet is surrounded by very strong forces and is vulnerable to an attack for its worldwide openness.

He accuses governments which try to manipulate the flow of information over the Internet thereby making them as one Internet’s biggest threats. Next in line is Hollywood which posed certain piracy issues and how it overzealously tries to end such. Facebook and Apple were also charged with building very restrictive walls and controlling the release of all the softwares on their platforms.

Facebook’s dominance on the Internet makes it impossible for companies like Google to emerge. Specifically, Brin mentioned Facebook’s unwillingness to share with others its users’ information.

As a way to reiterate Google’s Android mobile platform, Brin claims it is based on the open-source side as opposed to Apple’s closed and propriety-based iOS platform.

Google owns most of its users’ private data and has periodically been coerced to surrender this information to the US authorities. After being criticized for privacy issues, the company released in February 2012 a new and more unified policy on privacy.

Sergey Brin is dubbed as an Internet entrepreneur and a computer scientist. Together with Larry Page, they created the search engine Google in 1998 with a mission of organizing a vast amount of Web-based information. Its biggest acquisition is YouTube which costs them a total of $1.65 billion in stock.



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