Google Compute Engine Cloud-Based Service: Everything You Need To Know

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The new Google Compute Engine, an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform, has been launched at the recently concluded Google I/O conference. It is a cloud computing service which aims to compete against Amazon and other cloud service providers.

The Compute Engine from Google offers PC users the capacity to spin up virtual machines from Linux with one, two, four or even eight cores. Each core shall have an access to 3.7GB of RAM. With this, users can have the option of either storing data on a local disk or on Google Cloud Storage Service.

Google Compute Engine offers several amazing features. One is the ability to reduce scaling time for tasks that need huge amounts of computing power. Users can actually launch massive compute clusters in tens of thousands or even higher.

It offers network connections which are sophisticated, consistent, and strong. Users wouldn’t see any interruptions in a shared cloud even at such a massive performance. Apps can be tuned and can be relied on against any degrading.

From a financial perspective, Google Compute Engine gives you 50% more compute value for your money compared with other leading cloud service providers. This is all made possible through its economy of scale and the efficiency of its data centers.

Google Compute Engine allows you to keep your VMs connected together through its high-performing network technology by building strong compute clusters and managing Internet connectivity side by side with configure-enabled firewalls.

You can easily configure and control your VMs through a web UI or scriptable command line tool. Moreover, you can make your personal dynamic management system by using the company’s API.

Google has worked with notable partners such as MapR, Cliqr, Numerate, OpsCode, Puppet Labs, and Rightscale to come up with integration between their products and Google Compute Engine. These reliable partners give users dependable management services that enable them to easily move their applications to the cloud and among several cloud environments.

Google Compute Engine is currently available on 4 machine types. The one-cored type has a memory of 3.75GB and is priced at $0.145 per hour. The two-cored type has a memory of 7.5GB and charges a $0.29 per hour price. The four-cored type has a 15GB memory with a price of $0.58 per hour. Lastly, the 8-cored type boasts a 30GB memory and charges $1.16 per hour.



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