Google New Results Page for 2011: Will It Affect Your SEO Rankings?

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We cannot deny the fact that Google is indeed one of the most popular search engines that we have nowadays. In fact, every time an internet user wants to search something they often go to the Google’s search engine. And because of the growing number of internet users that uses the Google search engine, the company has been trying to think of various ways to improve its services and make the search engine results page more appealing and friendly to its users. And according to some tipsters, Google is currently on the works of giving a revamp to its search results page.

Basically, the revamp being planned by Google involves the implementation of a new design for its search engine results page. Apparently, this new design will make use of a new color scheme and a lot more white space. As seen in a screenshot showing this new design, you will surely notice that the green, purple and blue colors are not as harsh as the current color being used in the website.

Aside from the tweaks made on its color scheme, another thing that is quite noticeable in the new Google results page is the separation or spacing out of the individual search results found in each page. Well, it is really a good thing that Google has been trying to improve its search engine and try to present a cleaner and more spacious page as it has already become so cluttered over time.

However, there were different reactions about these changes. Some finds the design to be too sparse as if something is lacking and its colors are too soft. And because of the insertion of more spaces, users will be seeing less information in the screen and require them to do more scrolling through the results in order to find what they are looking for. In addition to this, you will also notice that the main results link is no longer underlined and the results are separated by dotted lines as well.

In order to help Google in deciding whether to push through these changes or not, the company has been gathering data on how people will react on these changes. So what can you say about these changes? Are you in favor of it or not?


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