Google Pixel C Tablet Hopes To Rival iPad Pro

Posted on 06 October 2015 by author

Google is not ending this year without offering a new tablet. As expected, the Mountain View giant is upgrading its Chromebook Pixel last year introducing the Pixel C tablet which sports a size of 10.2 inches with USB-C port in addition to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It works similar with iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface because of its touchscreen display and convertible body after attaching an external keyboard. It’s powered by Nvidia Tegra XI chip with 3GB RAM powerful enough to handle multitasking and resource intensive applications.


It also works with a keyboard that eliminates the need for a kickstand and can be adjusted between 100 to 135 degrees. To avoid unsightly connectors, Google features Bluetooth connectivity but the keyboard itself is useful for typing jobs. It can inductively charge itself so there’s no need to charge the unit if the need arises. Both the tablet and keyboard (sold for $149) will be out in the market this holidays.

The “C” affixed to the name means “convertible” because of the optional keyboard which is attached to the unit through magnets instead of a cumbersome docking procedure. In fact the magnets are so strong that it can hold the tablet even on upside-down position. The price tag is $499 / $599 for 32GB & 64GB versions respectively. The company is still mum about its availability but it is presumed the unit can be purchased online.


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