Google Retail Stores This Year on United States (Rumor)

Posted on 18 February 2013 by author

There is always difference between purchasing from online store against going to a real one.   Of course there are pros and cons but what sets the physical store from the online one is that it basically gives customers more time to interact with the store staff and with the product they are buying.  This may be the reason why Google is rumored to be planning to launch physical retail outlets in the US.

For some, the move from online to real may be a step backward but for Google, it isn’t.  This works to their advantage because consumers/customers get to feel first the product they are buying.  It also comes very important for people who are very particular about their purchases.  In addition, it allows consumer to have a basic understanding of the product he/she is buying.  In fact Google is not afraid of the idea since they have launched pop-up stores in Best Buy locations in the US.  Having a real Google store that is independent implies that the company will extending assistance once the consumer/customer gets in up to the purchase of a device.

Sadly, it is all rumors but if they were to be true, it is said that Google eyes to have these stores by end of the year which also happens to be the launch of Google Glass.



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