Google Trends Manipulated By Google and CIA: “Google Spies” Revealed

Posted on 26 July 2010 by author

Google is one of the best search engines available on the web that helps us to be more knowledgeable about almost everything. By simply placing a word or a phrase, Google gives you all the possible results available in the topic you are searching for.

But lately, the giant search engine Google has been a recent target by radio host Alex Jones, who has been tagged as a popular online conspiracy theorist. Alex Jones has asked his readers as well as his listeners to send the term “Google spies” to the top of the trends chart. Apparently, this is his way of fighting back against Google who had made some censorship on his films on YouTube.

The term “Google spies” is connected with stories giving details on Google’s rumored connection with the CIA. Google has been rumored to have been working closely with intelligence networks. Based on some information, it appears that Google is supplying the software, hardware and tech support to various US intelligence companies such as CIA, FBI and the National Security Agency. It has also been a storage and data searching equipment provider for other intelligence agencies as well.

The news pointing Google to be in partnership with these intelligence agencies is nothing new. Back in 2006, Robert David Steele, an ex-CIA agent revealed some information regarding CIA’s financial assistance given to Google to keep the company off the ground.

The story about Google and CIA appears to be very interesting. No wonder that within just a short period of time after Alex Jones campaign, the term “Google spies” have reached the top of the chart. This was made possible because a lot of bloggers as well as journalists got interested in the story and started documenting about it.

But there were some accusations that Google after learning such incident which drove million of people all over the world to be directed towards the story, immediately removed the term which resulted to no news story links. Previously Google was also accused of making the same action and removed the terms “Obama Deception”, ”Infowars”, “Fall of the Republic” and “Google Censorship”. These terms have been the most popular topics searched on the internet recently.

This only proves that the readers as well as the web browsers have the power to bring terms or words to the top of the Google’s Trends chart. And Alex Jones is taking every opportunity to encourage his followers on the internet to help him in his battle against Google.

Google has been the best search engine for quite some time now. But did it really manipulate the Google Trends or web browsers just stopped searching for those keywords? Well, both are possible, but whatever it is let’s just hope that Google and Alex Jones will find some end to this info war happening.


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  1. Regicide Smitty (Reply) Posted on July 27th, 2010 at 10:53 am

    The CIA is controlled by the New World Order, not the US government. The US government is also controlled by the New World Order. Google has been BOUGHT by the New World Order as well.

  2. Not Paranoid (Reply) Posted on July 31st, 2010 at 2:48 am

    No, it was manipulated. The term Google spies disappeared of the trend list because Google update the trend list every day. If you check the list for a months length or so, you will still see Google spie appear for a couple of days in July.


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