Google YubiKey Will Make Password Obsolete In The Future

Posted on 19 January 2013 by author

How does “password free” sound? How about accessing your email with a simple tap on your computer?

These claims might be out of reach for some but Google is now a stride to make this a reality. With hackers also finding a way to decipher even the most locked down of passwords, security measures are also fighting to block them from accessing those all important files from our emails and Smartphones.

2012 saw a bunch of hacks here and there and one of the more popular exploits would be the Mat Honan incident where his Google email account was deleted, his iPhone devices wiped clean remotely. In short, it was a scenario that any of us would probably face should hackers pick on us. Spam emails, virus encrypted data – everything is virtually within their reaches.

Fortunately, Google is now devising a way to contradict this and to offer us a whole new level of security and privacy. The YubiKey, a USB based “cryptographic card” will, upon its okay for production will automatically log on a user once it is inserted via their computers or laptops. Google’s mainstays also modified their browser to accompany this next step password padlock “with no software download”. Much like a key igniting your car, the YubiKey is to be plugged and within seconds, your entire digital self would be at your command again.

But the key-like device is just the tip of the iceberg. A couple of Google execs said that in the future, a Smartphone or even a “smartcard-embedded key” would be able to log you in the Information Super Highway which will be quite eccentric and who know, fun and at the same time, easy to use. It’s not exactly the “no password for me, ever” type of thing that we have envisioned, but at least we get to “save” it elsewhere without the fear of someone memorizing or knowing what we bash on our keyboard.



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