Google’s Bid To Buy WhatsApp For $10 Billion Turned Down

Posted on 21 February 2014 by author

What the majority don’t know is that prior to Mark Zuckerberg’s acquisition of cross platform messaging application WhatsApp, Google was actually the first to approach the table and offered a hefty $10billion to buy the Brian Acton, Jan Koum founded messaging service.

The proposal however was not a happy ending: the offer was turned down by WhatsApp and, according to sources Google failed to offer them a seat as one of their board of directors: a contradiction to what Facebook offered WhatsApp alongside their offer of a tasty $19billion (cash and stock).

Google’s persistence to somewhat entice WhatsApp with another bid in the future made the search engine powerhouse to reach drastic measures. It again offered WhatsApp with an amount to notify them if there are other companies interested in the procurement of their services.

Strike two for Google: WhatsApp again declined the offer, although reasons behind them shaking their heads are undisclosed.

Hums likewise revealed that Larry Page, Google’s Chief Executive Officer took time to meet fellow Main Man Jan Koum and laid down “a last minute attempt” to block WhatsApp’s acquisition, saying that it is “a big threat” to Facebook.

Facebook on the other hand will sit with all the comforts of social life. With WhatsApp in their arsenal, the world’s most popular social media site will even be more popular, since it will also incorporate WhatsApp 450million active users each month. They will, in turn, utilize Facebook’s “expertise, resources and scale” to better their services and to formally indulge themselves in the spotlight.



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