Google’s Relationship With Samsung Getting Sour? (Details)

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Just like celebrity couples whose marriage is on the rocks, the relationship between Google and Samsung is reportedly turning sour as the Korean manufacturer continues to reap success. Samsung’s Android dominance had caused Google to re-evaluate the future relationship between the two giant companies. There were also rumors that Google has been dealing surreptitiously with other manufacturers such as HP and HTC with the aim of keeping an eye on Samsung and its devices. However, Patrick Pichette, the CFO of Google, shares his own view on the issue.

Pichette exclaimed that the search engine giant’s relationship with Sammy is going well and that the latter’s success is mutually good for both Google and Samsung. In fact, as Pichette continues, Google supports all of its Android business partners to innovate incessantly and to continue benefitting from the open-source platform of Android. Commenting on Google’s weakening relationship with Samsung, Pichette retorted by saying that everything is all about creating big headlines by journalists who just want their newspapers to sell like hotcakes.

According to reports, Google feels terrified that Samsung might take advantage of its dominance in the Android mobile industry in order to nail a revised ad-revenue sharing agreement with Google. Sources are saying that Samsung is planning to demand a greater ad-revenue share from Google which would be higher than the 10% that it’s currently getting from the tech giant. Samsung argued that since it was able to sell more than 215 million handsets the previous year, Google gained a huge increase in ad-revenue. Therefore, it only follows that Samsung deserves a bigger ad-revenue share.

In an attempt to further negate these rumors, Pichette added that Google and Samsung have not only benefited from the Android side but there’s also the Chrome side to consider. The Chromebook has been described as a runaway success both for Google and for Samsung. This shared success definitely leaves no room for hatred between the two giants who are actually on good terms with each other. Journalists just crave for big headlines in order to generate more newspaper sales.

One thing that remains true is that Google and Samsung are still partners in their fight against Apple. Perhaps the two companies are setting aside their rumored ‘differences’ while they battle their common enemy.



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