GTA 5: List of Confirmed Voice Actors and Their Roles

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After the recent gameplay reveal of Rockstar Games, the community of Grand Theft Auto V has been more alive than ever. With that being said, some fans have managed to compile several actors who will do the voice-over for the games’ characters.


From this thread on GTAF, several links were posted showing the names of actors confirmed to take part of voicing the characters for GTA V. It’s notable to say the basis of this confirmation came from the actors themselves and not just a mile-long theory posted by anons from IMDB.

Jeff Wincott – Casey (confirmation link)

A Canadian actor who began his career from the early seventies and is still active on several film roles up to this day. Aside from GTA V, he also played the role of Tim and Jimmy Cacuzza from the tv-series The Good Wife and Sons of Anarchy respectively.

Tony Garcia – Mariachi (confirmation link)

Bobo Chang – Korean Gangster (confirmation link)

It’s notable to say that several Korean buildings were spotted from the screenshots released by Rockstar Games this year, most probably, for the introduction of Korean gangs across the city of Los Santos.

Christopher Graves – role unconfirmed (confirmation link)

For those unfamiliar, he is expected to be Amanda’s yoga trainer who is caught by Michael only with a leopard underwear talking to his wife from the second trailer. Some of his notable appearance include Apprentice 2010 as himself.

Steven Ogg – Trevor (previous details here)

Then of course, we have several speculation for Michael as Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno as Franklin and Danny Tambrelli as Jimmy. Since these actors haven’t confirmed anything to the public yet, they are here to remain as rumored voice overs for GTA V.

Expect the open world title game to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17.

(fan made image above)


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