GTA 5: Massive Video Leak of Commercials and TV Snips (Spoiler)

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As most have predicted, audio files were just the beginning of leaks for Grand Theft Auto V. For those unaware, two days ago, Sony made a mistake of letting PSN users download the whole 18GB contents for GTA V, which is now source of all the leaks for the game.


Currently, a user from r/GTAV posted 50 video links which shows minutes after minutes of TV snips and commercials which are actual scenes you can view once you are playing the game. Take note this is not yet the ‘leaked gameplay’ as everyone is babbling about but we could also confirm this is the first time we’ve seen a leaked video extracted from GTA V’s 18GB content file.

We decided not to embed the videos as these may spoil your appetite for the game — just a random screenshot which you can see below. But for those who want to look at it, it’s all here.


We would like to inform everyone that Rockstar Games have begun sending takedown requests to popular GTA fan sites. Just recently, GTAForums and Rockstarinformer were obliged to delete any spoiler news posted by their community.

Expect Grand Theft Auto V to release on September 17.

Update 1: One of our readers sent us a link that reveals some of the major information listed within the advertisements. Take note the details below might be a spoiler for some. (Imgur links are screenshots for each info).

Update 2: We recently received a takedown notification from Rockstar Games about the said content from this article. We were obliged to remove it. Sorry guys, you know the drill.


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  1. Johnson's Johnson (Reply) Posted on August 26th, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Thank you $0n¥ PauperStation for F-ing up another release of a great game!

  2. Boris J (Reply) Posted on September 11th, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    To Johnson’s Johnson, You feeling like a moron yet? Got my cash sitting in the PSN Store for digital download on Friday, Seems like Sony have done no such thing and the only people who will have issues with the game are everyone who isn’t a European PS3 owner. Just to be clear, PC won’t get the game for at least 6 months, North America needs to wait till the 17th along with Xbox owners, and European PS3 owners get to pre load from the 13th making them the very first to get their hands on the new game.


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