GTA 5: Walmart Pre-Order Sale With ‘Exclusive’ Bonus Items

Posted on 03 August 2013 by author

In case you haven’t yet made a pre-order for Grand Theft Auto V, Walmart recently updated its sales page for the game giving some cool perks for enthusiasts planning to play the game on its debut.


As seen from the bundle, not only you will get the GTA V (physical game), you’ll also receive an exclusive Grand Theft Auto V logo keychain from the retailer plus, a Wal-Mart exclusive bonus of $4.99 VUDU movie credits that will be sent to your email after you made your pre-order. You can use this credit to watch digital movies from the retailer.

Upon looking its sales page for Playstation 3, it appears the shop is also giving away the same set of freebies so it’s not exclusive for one console type only. Likewise, Walmart is doing a midnight launch exclusive for those who have pre-ordered the game giving you the benefit of picking your copy at midnight in stores.

In our previous report, we highlighted this sale from Newegg giving $10 worth of credits if you have pre-ordered GTA V last week. Or, this promo from Gamestop UK letting you buy the game for £4.97 only after you decided to trade-in two old games from its list.

Expect the biggest game of the year to hit your way this September 17.


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  1. Welfare-mart (Reply) Posted on August 4th, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Awesome! When I’m done pre-ordering,I can go back to yelling at my five kids while looking for cheap and unhealthy food to buy.


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