GTA V 3D Map: Realistic Construction From Scratch (Updated)

Posted on 08 May 2013 by author

Last month, we reported this news about this amazing GTA V map done from scratch after reconstructing more than 45 promo screenshots released by Rockstar Games.

Today, it appears the original author has an update and this time, not only the map looked better; it’s also now transformed into 3D for real. Click this link to see in full size.


From this thread, you can see jbte has posted the new map which is now garnering huge amount of positive responses from fellow gamers on GTAF. The image, which is scaled properly at 4296 x 3789 pixels, is no doubt the most realistic map we’ve ever seen constructed for GTA V. It has all the important details like the Los Santos area at the southern part (with the grayish land) composed of several key areas which are actually buildings taken from the promo images. Click this image to see how it was made.

There’s also the Zancudo mountain range on the far east, connecting bridges all the way to where you can parachute on the rocky regions of the north. Heck, if you’ll zoom the map even further, you can see the little ‘Vinewood’ sign over the top of a mountain where it should be.


Take note that the author doesn’t claim 100% accuracy of the map but considering this is the only 3D map we have currently for GTA V, we might as well want to savor it until Rockstar Games provide the missing piece.


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  1. NoLifeWanker (Reply) Posted on July 5th, 2013 at 10:09 am

    damn. bravo to the guy who made that map. Seems nice so far.


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