GTA V at $39.99 Before Black Friday (TigerDirect After MIR)

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Let’s face it. Even if it’s Black Friday, a game like Grand Theft Auto V would still be hard to find with big discounts. For the record, the only retailer that listed GTA V for its doorbusters is Walmart at $34. An epic deal anyone would want to grab but the question is, are there any other alternatives?

For the past few weeks, the only deal we’ve seen for the open-world game was ‘used’ items getting trade-in discounts from one retailer over the next. Fortunately, a new kind of promotion popped out from TigerDirect today.


From this page, it says you can buy GTA V (Xbox 360 or PS3) at $59.99 and receive $20 as a mail-in-rebate. The promo is valid until November 16 only and the product will be shipped to you for free.

For those unaware, this was the same promo TigerDirect gave for Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 during Black Friday last year – the only actual discounts you can get as these two items were not listed on any Black Friday flyer across United States.


Basically, it works like any mail-in-rebate. It’s similar when you buy a phone for this certain price and you get money after. Take note the money you will receive will be in credit cash and not just some fancy gift card. As for TigerDirect, all you need to do is fill this form after checking out the item and the $20 rebate should be sent to you in 8-weeks of time frame.

For those asking if TigerDirect honors rebate, here’s a past thread from SD’s admin for proof.


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