GTA V Box Art: Don’t Get Fooled With These Fakes

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For those who aren’t in the loop. Yesterday saw an incomplete mural from New York city pertaining to the actual look of GTA V’s box art. And yes, the authenticity of this one was confirmed by Rockstar Games earlier today complete with a time frame for its completion.

As expected, V’s community becomes active again. And by active we mean photoshopers are in the air creating their own mock-up boxart based from the mural spotted. May we remind everyone all the images taken below are not the official box art cover.

Why is it fake? Box arts don’t have blurry images like the helicopter from the top left part. Since Rockstar Games haven’t released such image, the duper cut the picture from the original mural and inserted it on the box art.

That image above is more recent and manage to fool some fans from the community.

Why is it fake? The helicopter image was taken from Vice City Stories. As we’ve mentioned, it’s really hard to dupe this part since Rockstar Games haven’t released this yet from their previous screens.

In some attempt to make an April Fools’ prank from V’s community, someone has also edited the NYC mural replacing it with a mock-up picture. Likewise, it’s not authentic but could be very close to what its finished part will look like.

As of the moment, the only confirmation we have is the mural will be finished in 1-2 days and its digital version will arrive “soon”. ‘Till that day, may we advice everyone to take the next batch of box art with a grain of salt.

Happy April Fools day everyone.


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