GTA V Cheats Vs Realism Should Be Balanced

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One of the best experiences anyone can have when playing Grand Theft Auto is the ability to set your own rules within a virtual world where you can play god amongst all characters. Probably, this is the reason why the game is so addicting that you can repeat it several times even after you finished most of its missions or side quests.

Obviously, balancing realism and fantasy is the key here to make the game more engaging to play. Somehow, this probe some debate for fans asking should the game be more realistic (like GTA IV) or add more imaginary elements to it (like GTA: San Andreas). And if that’s the case, would the integration of cheats balance everything out?

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Cheats VS Realism On San Andreas and GTA IV

For those who have played the two sandbox titles, you can already notice there’s a big difference when it comes to the saneness of the game. Particularly, on how cheats were integrated. For San Andreas, there are a lot of ‘out-of-this world’ objects you can spawn (e.g: a monster, rhino tank, jetpack, etc) – yeah, you can even drive on water. However, this all changed on GTA IV as cheats have become more ‘realistic’ in a sense that the things you can do are bound to grand theft auto only (e.g: spawning race cars, refill health / armor, etc.) – nothing extraordinary.

Would This Trend Continue on GTA V?

When V gets released on Q2 2013, one of the interesting things to anticipate is how realism will be portrayed on the game. Would it follow Vice City / San Andreas path? Or will it stick to the standards of GTA IV?

There’s a good discussion on GTAForums in which users from the ‘pro’ side explains “Applying realism like fuel and crap to gameplay would be one thing, but to limit cheats with realism would probably indicate some form of insanity.” While some who are on the ‘anti’ side explains “I only care for infinite health, ammo and things like that you know…those things that give you an an unfair advantage (yes i love being unfair so pi*s off…), so things like people mention in this thread (flying cars, low gravity, slow-mo, heavy punches…etc…) i just never bothered with them and not going to…they add absolutely nothnig to the game and make it look retarded”.

Balance Is The Key

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If you’ll ask us, cheats will definitely appear again on GTA V. But we think Rockstar Games would be more careful this time and not ‘overdo it’ with tons of imaginary elements that aren’t related to the game. Meanwhile, since the mega sandbox title shows a lot of extracurricular activities you can do (e.g: skydiving, underwater exploration, etc) aside from the usual stealing of cars, gunning a VIP at point blank – we believe the realism on V won’t be as rigid compared to its predecessor. Still, the key here is balance – making sure the cheats added would still stick with the context of GTA V. And for those who are thinking beyond, there’s always a mod for that…right?

So do you like cheats to be more ‘realistic’ or less on GTA V? Show your comment below.


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