GTA V: Easter Eggs And Animation From New Screens

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This wouldn’t be GTA V if it doesn’t get the ‘analysis’ treatment, would it? As such, the 10 new screenshots recently revealed by Rockstar Games were put into examination by fans. Here’s what they’ve found.

Police having the ability to hang on their patrol vehicle when chasing a wanted man. And perhaps, being able to shoot someone while on that mode.

Trevor’s bike is definitely a chopper – something that’s missing from GTA IV.

The return of the flamethrower is quite visible from there. Feels like San Andreas all over again. The dude with a green bandana could also indicate he’s a member of a gang, something that was confirmed from Game Informer’s article last year.

More emphasis to underwater adventure. For the first time, Rockstar Games has enabled scuba diving on the ocean floor for Grand Theft Auto. Also, from that angle, it appears the person wearing the gear is Michael

Thanks to GTA Forums, a benevolent user found an easter egg of what could be a statue or some sort of a tower. (Look closely on the left).


From the same community, someone just posted a dress worn by Robert De Niro from the movie Heat which shares a resemblance with the dress of Michael above, including the shades.

CCTV camera from this screenshot. For those unware, these surveillance cameras were included on GTA: Chinatown Wars as a part of secret packages. Will it also be included on V?

There’s also a telescope seen from the top of a building. It could be used by tourist of perhaps, when spying someone.

But we’re not done yet.

Thanks to R/GrandTheftAutoV, here’s an animated version taken from the the new screens (link 1, link 2). Take note the authenticity of these .gif files are still in question so just to be safe, think of them as fan made artworks. The following files may also take a while before they load completely so some patience is needed.

So in case you found other easter eggs from the new screenshots, feel free to share it on your comment.


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