GTA V Graphics: Promotional Screenshots Vs Gameplay Trailer

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Just six more months before its release and fans are getting excited on how Grand Theft Auto V’s actual gameplay will pan out. Similar with its predecessors, Rockstar Games always kept the flow of information going to a minimal level as possible. That includes the non-disclosure of any beta or demo of the game until its official release.

This is the current situation for GTA V and by far the only confirmation we have from the studio are the two trailers and 40+ screenshots they revealed that came from actual in-game footage of the open-world title.

But is it all true?

Well, this fact is now being questioned by a cluster of fans from r/grandtheftautov today as debates trickled down if those beautiful screenshots revealed by Rockstar really came from inside the game, or we should expect to see something with lesser quality coming from the two trailer videos.

As you can see from the images above, there’s a striking difference between the quality of the two caps. However, as one user pointed out, the picture that came from the trailer were taken with a lower resolution since if you’ll set it to a higher-res, the shadows will look similar.

It’s also important to notice that promotional screenshots may appear to look better because they are taken in stills while the trailer footage isn’t exactly static in nature so taking screencaps may produce blurriness and unrealistic shadows.

We’ve also taken specific images below from the past screenshots compared with some taken from trailer 2. (Note: the one with GTA V’s logo is the screenshot).

And this one.

Like we mentioned above, the difference between the two pictures are very minimal.

For those skeptics out there, let’s not forget the amazing screenshots taken from Game Informer’s cover last December all coming from the actual gameplay of GTA V.

What do you think?


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