GTA V Graphics: Too Realistic For Current-Gen Only?

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While Rockstar Games already confirmed its upcoming mega title will debut on Xbox 360 and PS3, a large part of the community still questions if GTA V would only be contained on current-gen consoles as its graphics is obviously topnotch. At least that’s how it appears when you check the promotional teasers and that cover from gameinformer last quarter. Of course, this is not even mentioning how the game might be limited due to its expected file size for Xbox 360. As such, would it be too much to ask if the game will indeed arrive on next-gen consoles as well?


Current Generation and Beyond

First, let’s talk about the time-frame between the release of GTA V and the arrival of next-gen consoles, assumably by late-October to November. Considering V will arrive on September 17, that will only place the game just a month ahead before PS4 and Xbox 720.

What’s the connection? In a previous note made by Rockstar Games, Dan Houser stated the company is always welcome to possibilities involving the current hardware in which they can develop their games. Sure enough, the company did release several classic GTA titles on iOS / Android devices, while San Andreas got a nice HD port on Playstation 3. Using that basis for GTA V, it may not be too hard to realize that V may also arrive on next-gen consoles especially when you weigh in the benefit it’ll receive with each of the hardware’s beefed up specifications.

Graphics Factor

Let’s all face it. When Rockstar Games first revealed its promo screenshots for GTA V, a huge cluster of fans wondered if the game will truly debut on current generation consoles. There’s even some comparison of pictures taken from real life showing how Rockstar really did bag the realism of these photos from real life footages (see pictures below). Of course, this made the studio stress several announcements assuring those screens were taken from PS3 and Xbox 360.

At this point, there’s still a commotion if players will indeed receive the same quality of graphics as revealed from the promotional screenshot or it’ll be somewhat reduced to make it at least run efficiently as possible on our old consoles. Likewise, that dream of having the game played for next-gen hardware still titillates the mind of enthusiasts, imagining how its graphics could’ve been improved to another level.

Now that the third trailer will arrive next week, questions about GTA V’s graphics will be put into scrutiny again. And in case debates spurt out if the game will also pan out for PS4 and Xbox 720, we’re here to say that the possibility is always there.


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