GTA V Is For Current Gen Consoles, Not Next Gen, Okay?

Posted on 28 March 2013 by author

When Rockstar Games said “very soon” we didn’t expect it would mean the following day, and in case you missed the train, the studio recently revealed 10 new screenshots for GTA V.


The photos are mesmerizing and truly astonishing to think it came from current-gen consoles. Likewise, you can’t blame the community if questions are pouring out again if V will in fact debut on Xbox 360 / PS3 or it’ll be on next-gen consoles by the end of this year.

For the nth time, a Rockstar employee assures everyone the open-world title will in fact launch on current-gen and those new screenshots were taken from the same old unit we’re all using.


In our previous report, we cited two main reasons why Rockstar Games simply can’t skip current-gen and release GTA V on next-gen consoles. Then again, there’s a big possibility the game will in fact arrive on these ghost devices a few months after V’s debut on September 17.

It’s also interesting to point out that the gap time between GTA V’s launch and possible release of PS4 is around two months only giving more reasons for the community to ask if there’ll be a quick port of the game shortly after its debut.

Still, as pretty as these new screenshots are, the bottom factor remains that GTA V will release on PS3 & Xbox 360. And there’s no sign from Rockstar Games if they’re backing out from this announcement.


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  1. nokiddin (Reply) Posted on April 15th, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    If these screens are from PS3 then they are pre-rendered cinematics. No way are they gameplay. The PS3 cannot do anti-aliasing and depth of field blur to this quality. Where is the shimmering distant details and pixilated shadows. I don’t believe Rockstar and time will tell if they are lying. I suspect these screens are from the secret version PC version which is being ported to PS4 right now.

    All these screens have high quality anti-aliasing, smooth blur, smooth shadows and no artifacts from shimmering. The PS3 cannot output this quality in realtime. Even Naughty Dogs maxing out the PS3 cannot achieve this level of quality. It just smells fishy. I’d have more respect for them if they just admitted they were PC grabs because their claim is impossible. I wish Rockstar would prove me wrong, but I’m a realist and don’t believe in miracles. I’m gonna be really annoyed at Rockstar if I’m proved right.

    I love GTA and want this quality having been dissapointed by the gameplay image quality of GTAIV and RDR on PS3, but I smell another rat so I’m waiting for the secret PS4 version. The web will be full of screen comparison samples by then and it will all be out in the open. Will Rockstar be hailed as genious PS3 devs or god damn liars …we shall see?


Sensible comments/suggestions are always appreciated.