GTA V: Los Santos Vs San Andreas: Los Santos (Reloaded)

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It’s pretty amazing how the graphics of Grand Theft Auto has evolved from 8-bit (GTA 1 & 2) to 3D cartoons (GTA III and up) to realistic HD quality (GTA IV & V). As we all know, graphics has never been the core flavor of the game but rather, that immersive experience you feel once you succumb yourself on the vast open landscape of the game, having the freedom to live your life on a virtual world of your own.

As for GTA V, Rockstar Games has done again what could be the most ambitious title ever produced in the gaming industry as of today according to the critiques who have tested the game earlier this week. Likewise, it simply feels right to look back how Grand Theft Auto V has evolved in terms of graphics appearance to its nearest kin, GTA: San Andreas.

Fortunately, we have the whole community selecting screenshots that will portray the difference of the Los Santos we knew almost a decade ago, to the Los Santos we will about to play later this year.

Note: Simply click on the image to get its highest resolution

Kudus to Cemetpuu for updating his previous work last year to reflect a good comparison between the recent images revealed by Rockstar Games last month. Now for those who want to see some other eye-candies, feel free to check these new easter eggs found from the game.


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