GTA V Map: Los Santos Reconstructed From Collector’s Edition

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Just a few hours ago, Rockstar Games confirmed the official collector’s edition for Grand Theft Auto V. Aside from all the cool items inside the package, the thing that really perked the interest of hardcore fans is the blueprint map which is described to give a view of Los Santos and Baine country along with Cryptic markings, locations for fast cash and other points of interest for up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Likewise, it didn’t take long before someone from GTAF to reconstruct the little map into a big one and here’s the final result below.

According to Rockstar Games, the actual size of the map in printed form will be 21.5-inch x 26.5-inch which is pretty similar to the size of a real geographical map.

As for the reaction of the community, the map is already getting some positive responses. From the picture, you can see the top view of Los Santos which is just a part of the bigger area of the map (as seen from the second image). And in case you’re wondering why it’s small, we have several mock-up reconstruction of the map from this report which suggest that GTA V’s map size will be composed mainly of the mountainous region from the North that expands towards the west and east. You can also see the aerial view of Los Santos there is kind of small matching with the blueprint we have from Rockstar Games.

So what do you think about the new map? Show your comment below.


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