GTA V Map Size: Rough Estimates and Theories Revealed

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Today’s massive reveal for GTA V has a lot of nuggets needed to be analyzed. One in particular is the question on how really big is the size of its map? According to Game Informer’s cover, “V’s game world will be bigger than San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined”. Obviously, this created a lot of interesting theories on how Rockstar would be able to pull off such enormous area; even beating not one, not two but three of its previous games known for having the biggest map area.

Since all we got today are rough estimates taken from G.I’s cover, fans rush in to do their homework. Some of the most outstanding job came from reddit and gtaforums.

GTA V Concept Map

Basically, what you’re seeing there is a concept map made from GTA IV (upper left), GTA: San Andreas (upper right) and Red Dead Redemption (bottom).

Obviously, the map is just a depiction of G.I’s statement and it shouldn’t be analyzed brick by brick since as you can see, the proportion of the three maps aren’t even properly scaled together. Still, the bottom factor here shows that V’s world will be ginormous.

GTA V Map Put To The Test

So what happens if you’ll take a car and drive with GTA V’s massive world? Well, here’s what you get.

On a nutshell, JaggySnake is a member of GTAForums who fortunately have all the three R* titles mentioned above, and apparently, a lot of spare time to do a test drive. What he did is travel through the perimeter of each of the three maps and record his time. You can see from the screenshots the path he has taken as well as the time he needed to complete each map. All in all, it took him 58 minutes 45.9 seconds just to traverse on the edge of all the three maps.

Naturally, the reaction for the thread received mixed responses pointing about “how odd” his way of measuring the map size of each. But as you can notice, it doesn’t really require a lot of thinking to realize the maps for GTA V is really just too big to be compared with past titles from Rockstar Games. As pointed by some fans, it may be at par or even bigger with Just Cause 2’s epic map. Here’s a screenshot.

So how big really is Grand Theft Auto V’s world? Show your interesting suggestions below.


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  1. Brotha (Reply) Posted on November 28th, 2012 at 6:51 am

    Great article! However, you should know that the “GTA IV” map in your concept image is actually a fake GTA IV map that I made back in 2007..



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