GTA V: New Pictures Leaked From Edge Magazine

Posted on 09 May 2013 by author

When it rains, it pours and that’s the same situation for Grand Theft Auto V. After Rockstar Games opened the gate for critiques to test the game last week, huge amount of information have spread throughout the community.


Today, new images came out from Edge’s latest issue providing three new pictures for the open-world title. Click to see them all here.

Basically, these images were taken from a new angle compared to what we’ve seen before from other GTA V previews. From the first one, you can see Trevor riding a yellow Sabre GT muscle car while a police from a helicopter is chasing him. On the second picture, you can see Franklin stealing a car while it’s parked near a liquor market. Meanwhile, the third picture shows our baller guy riding on his dirt bicycle while there’s an interceptor from the background while the police is hanging from its rail and appears to be aiming at our protagonist. There’s also a sidenote there that tells Franklin is the most skilled character in terms of driving compared with Michael and Trevor. Likewise, this confirms the preview earlier about the protagonists having their own set of special abilities.

For those who want to get the magazine, it’s now out and can be obtained in print or through iTunes or Android.

(Thanks HavoK from GTAF for the tip).


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