GTA V Pre-Order Page Gets Official on Rockstar Games

Posted on 13 March 2013 by author

Yeah we know, it’s a little bit cold on Rockstar Games ever since its last update for GTA V. Today, it appears the official website for V included a pre-order page. The link is appended on the top right corner where trailer 1 and trailer 2 tags are positioned.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the game before, you can use the website on finding retail stores based from your country including U.S, U.K, Australia, France, Russia, Poland, etc. (a total of 23 countries from the list).

What we find a bit interesting is if you’ll select U.S and Rockstar Warehouse, you’ll be redirected on this product-page. As you can see, pre-ordering the game will also let you get a free KIFFLOM T-Shirt. For those unaware, the Kifflom thing was discovered last year and it was believed to be a part of GTA V’s viral campaign with regards to some kinky cult religion. Full details here.

As for the shirt itself, it’s colored in light blue, made out of 100% pure cotton and there’s also a line that says ““THE TRACT IS NOT YET WRITTEN” below the neck line on its back. Take note this t-shirt is different with the official GTA V tee revealed by Rockstar Games last December.

In our previous report, we hinted the possibility of new GTA V info coming out during PAX East later this month. Fingers crossed!


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