GTA V: Release Of New Info Anticipated Soon

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The silence of Rockstar Games with regards to any new details for Grand Theft Auto V is obviously creating quite a stir for the community especially when the studio didn’t provide any fresh info during PAX East last week.

Today, things get a bit more interesting as a Rockstar representative replied to a comment about a user asking when will the team reveal new info for GTA V. And the answer was “very soon”.


Now, some may think this is irrelevant as the reply could mean tomorrow or next year but based from Rockstar’s previous announcements, everytime we hear the word “very soon”, it’s almost likely the time frame is within a period of four weeks or even less. Just take for example this link when the studio announced the digital download for V’s red bikini girl artwork on desktops quoted as very soon, then it was released a few days later.

But wait, there’s more.

Earlier today, some resourceful member of GTAForums spotted a tweet from Felipe Busquet. For those unaware, the guy is the Lead Cinematics Animator of Rockstar Games and is currently working for Grand Theft Auto V.

While Busquet’s tweet could mean anything, the guy seems to be accurate of pointing out several updates for GTA V like the second trailer last November, and a few artworks for the game. Could this have relevance with the previous reply by Rockstar about V’s new info soon?

If you’ll ask us, it’s not that hard to imagine Rockstar Games would give new details for the sandbox title especially if they’re serious on launching it by September. The marketing of GTA V should at least begin next month including its box art followed by the third trailer.

What do you think?


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