GTA V Soundtrack: Original Music Score From Gangrene

Posted on 10 January 2013 by author

Earlier today, we received confirmation about GTA V’s possible soundtrack from Gangrene.

According to this tweet by Alchemist’s official account, the American rapper hinted that he will collaborate on making an “original score” for Grand Theft Auto V.

For those unaware, aside from the fact that Alchemist (Alan Daniel Maman) is a celebrated DJ working with Eminem, GTA Chinawars also included an Alchemist hip-hop station in which the all the 10 songs played were made by him and Oh No – the group is called Gangrene.

Why is this big? Well, if you’ll check the history of Rockstar Games, the company takes pride on creating original music score for its games. Some of their epic works were Bully’s soundtrack from Shawn Lee, Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack by Elm and Woody Jackson; the latest one was from HEALTH featuring an original composition for Max Payne 3.

While everything remains unconfirmed, we find it hard to believe the tweet is fake since it came from Alchemist’s official twitter account, and yes, these folks aren’t really the type of people who will create a prank especially after working with Rockstar Games in the past for Chinatown Wars that went really good. Also, it was previously confirmed by Dan House that they will add original music scores to GTA V for missions and other parts of the game. It’s just a matter of time really before we see the evidence.

GTA V is expected to arrive this Spring on Xbox 360 & PS3.

One of our favorites from Gangrene.

Update: It appears the tweet was deleted. Fortunately, we’ve taken a screenshot earlier.


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