GTA V Special Edition Vs GTA IV: Things Changed

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As some of you may already know, Rockstar Games has already revealed the special and collector’s edition for Grand Theft Auto V. Now, for those who are quite hesitant on jumping in to take the pre-order we prepared a quick comparison on how V’s special edition differs with GTA IV way back in 2008. We also included several pre-order links at the bottom to help those who are in a hurry to order the package today.

Grand Theft Auto IV (link)


The game itself (Xbox 360 or PS3)
Art Book with “never before seen” production artwork from the game
Soundtrack CD
Rockstar Keychain
GTA IV metal safety deposit box
Limited-edition Rockstar duffel bag
All for a total of $89.99

Grand Theft Auto V


Full retail copy of the game (Xbox 360 or PS3)
Steelbook Artwork collectible
Blueprint Map
Special Ability Boost
Stun Plane Trials
Bonus outfits, Tatoos and additional weapons for characters
All for a total of $79.99


As you can see, there’s a reasonable difference between the two packs. While IV offers its items at $10 higher, most of the items are tangible stuff and can be kept for real by fans. Meanwhile, GTA V S.E seems to be good for those who are more interested on digital bonuses as its special edition is packed with in-game items.

If you’ll ask us, we prefer IV’s special edition simply because it’s something you can keep as a memento for the game. But of course, some of you may have a different opinion about this.

Naturally, those who will get the collector’s edition for V will be able to get other tangible collectibles but it will cost you a total of $149.99.

Interestingly, several shops are now offering both the S.E and C.E for Grand Theft Auto V. Pre-order them by clicking the links below.

Game UK

So are you getting the special edition or collector’s edition for GTA V? Show your comment below.


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