GTA V Surprise On PAX East Anticipated By Fans

Posted on 12 March 2013 by author

Ten more days to go and its PAX time on Boston!

While Penny Arcade already posted its schedule, everything remains tentative as news about gaming studios making a surprise appearance makes the expo more interesting to watch.

Aside from Ubisoft confirming a new Splinter Cell game, fans are wondering what’s Take-Two / Rockstar Games planning for the event?

For those unaware, Rockstar Games has been busy attending PAX East for the past couple of years: (Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire & Max Payne 3). And considering the studio is only focused with GTA V’s development for the entire year, it’s easier to believe we’ll see something for the open-world title on the said event.

Just in case there’ll be a surprise appearance from the outfit, we doubt it will be the third trailer unlike some are predicting since all GTA Trailers have its pre-release phase with a countdown. Perhaps, it’ll be a notice for a future announcement for GTA V that should happen soon considering they’ll need to start doing some heavy marketing for the game if its debut will truly hit on September 17.

Interestingly, it appears GTAForums is also sharing the same prediction, as several threads were posted giving reasons why a GTA V reveal will happen during PAX East. On the extreme side, some users are even anticipating Agent or another IP is on the pipeline which may connect with our previous report about Rockstar Games developing something for next-gen consoles.

So do you think Rockstar Games would announce something on PAX 2013? Show your comment below.


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