GTA V: Voice Actor For Trevor Phillips Found

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After all the search, it appears the community has finally found the real person who did the voice over for Trevor Phillips. And nope, it’s not Rob Shapiro unlike some have predicted.

In a screenshot provided, it was revealed that Steven Ogg was the one who voiced over Trevor – the third protagonist from Grand Theft Auto V. The conversation was between Christine Druid – Steven Ogg’s colleagues from the short film Disgrace – and CoolJunkProductions.

Here’s a screenshot of Steven Ogg from IMDB showing the guy not only sounds like Trevor, he also looks like the character.

Meanwhile, this discovery was getting a lot of approvals from V’s community. On r/grandtheftautov, it’s now one of the hottest post in which other redditors have found other links that could connect Ogg to Trevor like his website revealing Steven is a professional voice actor doing several ads for Samsung, Verizon Wireless, etc. before. He also starred in Law and Order and narrated a document in the game Alone in the Dark. There’s also a thread from GTAF showing the same appreciation from fellow gamers.

Here’s a link from the short-film Disgrace featuring Steven Ogg as one of its actors. At the end you can hear him speak which actually sounded like our protagonist. You can also see from the comments below Christine Druin and CoolJunkProductions talking about Steven Ogg as Trevor.

Two more to go!


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