GTA V vs GTA IV: Graphics Comparison From Screenshots

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For the past few weeks, we have received several tips on GTA V-related comparisons, matching screenshots from previous titles showing how V has evolved from the San Andreas we all know way back 2005.

Now for those who want to see a comparison between Rockstar Games’ latest open-world title and GTA 4, a benevolent user from r/grandtheftautov has compiled several images from GTA IV and its expansion – The Ballad of Gay Tony – to show us a crystal clear definition on how V’s graphics has changed from the previous era.

As the OP implied, all the shots taken above came from Rockstars’ official list of screenshots for GTA 4 and TBOGT unlike those earlier works we’ve seen in which users have made a caps from their own selection of screenshots so to compare it with V.

As you can notice, there’s really no extraordinary leap between GTA 4 and 5 in terms of graphics, but it’s obvious the latter provide a bit more depth and effect with better contrast with respect to lighting. This was also highlighted by some users from the same reddit post.

“One thing I’ve noticed that makes Los Santos seem really beautiful is the lighting. The objects are smoother and all and sure there’s a bit of a graphical upgrade, but in reality the textures themselves aren’t that huge of an upgrade. What really sells the game visually is the fact that fires have bloom, gunshots look like they really pop and the beautiful sunrise/sunset in every picture just lights up the entire city.”

Then again, question still lingers if the promotional images given for GTA V will be the same from the actual gameplay as debated from our report last time showing some concerns on its graphics based from the trailers.

We’ll see on September 17.



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