GTA V Vs San Andreas and GTA IV (New Screenshot Comparison)

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After we posted this collage comparing how GTA V has evolved from San Andreas, we received a lot of positive responses. One of the request was adding recent screenshots and have the scope broadened aside from GTA: S.A.

Currently, it took us a while to find new screens for comparison but thanks to our contact from GTAF, we found this Facebook page posting several pictures highlighting a few key images from GTA V to San Andreas and an eye-candy from GTA IV.

Let’s check them out.

Like we said earlier, gangsters from grove street will be back! Here you can see a shot taken from San Andreas compared with GTA V.

Vinewood Hills from a downslope

Franklin with his binoculars from a porch compared with CJ doing the same thing.

A Dodo plane flying from Los Santos’ beach compared with San Andreas on the same location.

These two pictures above don’t need any more explanation

And a comparison shot between Bahama Mamas from GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony to GTA V with Trevor and his dirt bike. For those unaware, Bahama Mamas is also seen from other GTA titles like San Andreas and Liberty City.

As for the origination of these screenshots, it appears they were submitted by several fans from  GTA5FC. Hats tip to all of you.

Expect Grand Theft Auto V to arrive on PS3 & Xbox 360 this September 17.

Update: We just received more screen comparison from our e-mail delivered by one of our asset. Enjoy.







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