GTA V Zombies Mod On Multiplayer Desired By Fans

Posted on 30 November 2012 by author

Aside from downloadable content packs and multiplayer mode, the other thing that makes GTA IV really cool are mods. Probably, this explains why many fans are still hooked up playing the game since its inception four years ago.

Now that Grand Theft Auto V is just six months to go (or even less), enthusiasts are sharing ideas what could be the best mods for the mega sandbox title. As expected, zombies stood out on the wishlist.

For those unaware, Rockstar Games has never abandoned the idea of zombies on Grand Theft Auto. In fact, on this post, you can see the outfit is even promoting an IceEnhancer-made modification for GTA IV, customizing the textures and elements of the game to render a seemingly realistic zombie invasion.

Interestingly, Rockstar have also revealed a zombie-infused DLC for Red Dead Redemption called Undead Overrun, which was a big hit for players since it has its own set of maps, gameplay and skills you can use to pulverize the hordes of the undead. And yes, this one works on multiplayer which was the key ingredient why it was fun to play with your friends.

On GTAForums, there’s an overwhelming demand of supporters for GTA V zombies implemented via DLC or mods. Some notable suggestions include using the theme of Walking Dead tv-series, transforming a piece of Los Santos city into a place infested by zombies wherein the three protagonists have their own set of abilities or special skills. Other cool ideas also involve having the ability to play this in multiplayer with new weapons to choose from.

Naturally, these are just fantasies but we wouldn’t mind if Rockstar takes a nugget and make them the reality especially when zombies have become a part of our culture, as a form of entertainment.

So how about you, are zombies included in your wishlist for GTA V? Show your comment below.


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