Halo 4 and Xbox 720: Release Date — Fantasy To Come Alive?

Posted on 12 January 2011 by author

We have been hearing reports (or rumors) about the upcoming Microsoft console unit that’s going to be called Xbox 720 (think of it as Microsoft Xbox 360 II). The new console promises to address the shortcomings of the 360 and probably increase its features and capabilities – in addition to just making its package slimmer. The information was first revealed back in 2008 and though it sounded really great, perhaps Microsoft just didn’t have enough time to pay attention to this venture.

We know that Microsoft recently released the Microsoft Kinect and most probably it will concentrate on dealing with that peripheral in the coming months to battle with Sony PlayStation’s Move Controller. This 2 tech manufacturers are literally playing the “cat and mouse” game and probably are just waiting whether the other camp will release a new version of its console system (have you heard about the news on PlayStation 4?).

In connection with the ongoing Xbox 720 theory is the alleged Halo 4 video game release. According to some tech bloggers, this new game is probably Microsoft’s best bet to encourage Xbox 360 gamers to switch tracks with the theoretical console system. Moreover — to support the Xbox 720 claim — they said that the new installment of the Halo saga series needs to have better quality in terms of overall gaming (storyline, graphics, gameplay, game environment etc.) which could mean that there’s really a need for a higher console specs only a Xbox 720 could provide.

As always, these are mere theories and hypotheses and we need to wait for the real thing before we could make a conclusion. You can visit CVG for a more complete coverage on the probable development and release of Xbox 720 console and Halo 4 game.


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