Halo Movie: Release Date and Review of Leaks

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The Halo Movie just got real.

… Or as it real as it can get with a bold statement anyway.

Frank O’Connor, Halo’s franchise development director boldly said in “Future of Television East conference” that “There will be a Halo Movie,” even though there are no Film Companies, Directors, Actors or Production Houses undertaking this vapor-trail project at the moment.

Citing reasons like ” It was the lawyers,” when asked why there isn’t one now, O’Connor said that “When they went behind closed doors with the contracts, things fell apart.” since the Production Companies and Movie Companies will not be given the rights to the whole Halo franchise that Microsoft holds.

This means that any production company will only get the rights to make the move, but not the Halo name and any other rights to it such as making action figures, DVD’s and other possible movie merchandise aside from video games. This in turn will make Movie Production companies little to no money at all depending on the success of the movie.

O’Connor then moved on to say that any director will do. They just want to make a Halo movie but they are not rushing it for the sake of having a movie out about Halo. Frank even said that “There will be a Halo movie. We don’t need a movie. But we’d like a movie. We’d like the moms of gamers to see the movies because they would love our characters. Maybe we’ll even fund it ourselves.”

Bold words, Frank, bold words indeed.


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