Hello Kitty x Street Fighter: Release Date and Ridiculously Cute Gameplay Leaked

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Comic-con for this year has officially ended — and it was a blast! — truly, the same epic convention coveted by fans around the world promising a bevy of product launches in the industry. Now, just in case you think the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken is already an open-book since its characters and release have finally been revealed, this PR announcement by Capcom will have you in a “WTF” expression just like me a few moments ago.

Likewise, an upcoming title called as Hello Kitty X Street Fighter is very real and it will hit its release date on Fall next year. This game is the result of the collaboration between Capcom and Sanrio – the almighty creator of the iconic Hello Kitty cartoons – and it’s said this should yield a broad range of merchandise featuring HK and SF along with their distinct appearances and costumes.

While much of its details aren’t yet revealed, it appears the reason why Capcom tagged with Sanrio is because the company wants to surprise their fans and it believes by unleashing a kitten-version of SF characters will do this feat quite well.

If you’re already finding this project to be a future eye-candy, details about its gameplay and specificities will be revealed “on a later date”. Take note, that Hello-Kitty Chun-Li image your seeing above is legit and came from Comic-Con as one of its characters!



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