“Here you have” virus email: How to detect and remove?

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Viruses have been all around the internet for quite sometime now. With the internet being the ultimate source of information in today’s generation, it is also quite inevitable that viruses become more prevalent in today’s society. Some malicious code writers have managed to change the computing world by coming out with e-mail viruses.

And speaking of e-mail viruses, a global e-mail virus has hit e-mail accounts across the world just recently. According to some reports even the biggest corporations such as ABC/Disney, Coca-Cola, NASA and Google was also affected by the said e-mail virus. This virus hit the internet and is spreading through e-mailing the address book of the infected users with the subject “Here you have” or “Just for you”. There were also some versions of this virus that were hidden under the subject lines “This is the Free Download Sex movies, you can find it here.”

These e-mail messages provide a URL that will link you to a PDF file, but instead of taking you to a PDF file, this URL will be redirecting you to an executable file with the .scr extension that when clicked will download the malware and enable the e-mailing of the same e-mail to all the recipient’s contacts. This virus apparently forced a lot of employees to abandon their e-mail accounts as their e-mail was flooded with a lot of e-mail messages. This virus is believed to be really damaging and also spreads through mapped drives, remote machines and removable media as well.

McAfee was already conducting some research and investigation regarding the said attack. And lately it has published a report on its blog saying that the risk of infection of this virus for home and office e-mail accounts is very low. However, they have also acknowledged the fact that it would take a longer time before they are able to root out the virus’s multiple variants.

McAfee has identified the said virus as a Trojan horse and called it “W32.Imsolk.A@mm”. It appears that this virus has basically the same characteristics as the “Anna Kournikova” worm that hit computers in 2001. Just the same, this virus also attacked computers through e-mail with the subject title “Here you have.”

How to defend yourself?

To prevent the spread of this virus, all you have to do is be aware of the e-mail messages you received. Don’t click e-mails with suspicious links even if it came from someone you know. Take time to scan attachments before opening it. Also, make sure that your anti-virus software is updated in order to protect you from the attack of the said virus. However, if you have been already infected by the said virus, (1) disconnect your computer from the internet, (2) install the latest version of a reliable anti-virus software and (3) disinfect your computer.

Always remember that an e-mail virus can spread within just a few minutes, so always be careful and don’t be a victim.


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