Hiriko Folding Car: Concept Features, Price and Release In The Future

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If you think that it is impossible to see folding cars on the road, then better think again because Hikko EV concept is getting nearer to reality. This very unusual electric car has just debuted recently in Brussels. What is amazing in this car is that the car has an interesting rear suspension design that allows the car fold up thus, allowing its driver to park easily even in a small space. The Hiriko folding car is actually a collaboration between MIT, Basque businesses and the Spanish government. It may look like the other sci-fi Jetson-style concepts, but it has a few tricks on its wheels.

So what can we expect from this vehicle aside from its unique and space-saving design? Well, this two-seater electric car comes with wheels that are independently driven and steered by “robot” in-wheel electric motors thus, giving the car extra maneuverability. In addition to this, its manufacturers also claim that it only takes up two-thirds of the footprint of a Smart car. This concept was made with the idea of helping cities out there to free up their precious parking space.

The good news is that this concept has great possibility of entering the production phase. In fact, the vehicle has already been set to begin production in Spain starting next year. To test this electric vehicles, its manufacturers would like to use several European and American cities as testbeds. There are around 20 test vehicles being built at present and apparently, each of these vehicles cost around $ 16, 253 to manufacture. However, there is no final price yet set for the vehicle once it hit the market.

Aside from the information that this car is an electric folding car and allows both passenger and driver to enter and leave the car using a single door on the front of the car, no other details were given about it. The Hiriko folding car is something worth waiting for. Aside from the fact that it is environmental friendly, it also saves space and money. Of course, this electric car is cheaper to drive than the conventional type of cars. So let us just watch out for more details in the coming months.


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