How PS3 Can Lead The Platform For GTA V

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For a game as big as Grand Theft Auto V, it’s obvious fans seek answer about the lead platform it will use. At this point, while Rockstar Games haven’t confirmed anything yet, most of the clues lead to Playstation 3 becoming the frontrunner this time.

But first, may we remind everyone that having a particular console as the ‘leading platform’ doesn’t mean the other device left out will become inferior. Most of the time, the differences aren’t really that big for casual players to notice and only those enthusiasts who are keen enough on doing several tests are the ones who will benefit from using the head console for their personal satisfaction. Just take for example these tests conducted for GTA IV on PS3 and Xbox 360.

How Playstation 3 Can Be The Leading Platform For GTA V

Since last year, rumors already pop out about the possibility of PS3 becoming the lead platform for GTA V especially when Rockstar Games confirmed trailer#1 was made from in-game footages using PS3 while trailer#2 was detected by some video experts to be composed of the same elements used for Max Payne 3’s PS3 trailer leading to the conclusion the trailer was also made from Sony’s console.

Then of course, we have Game Informer’s cover revealing all the screenshots they posted on their magazine were taken from in-game footages and that they conducted all the tests using Playstation 3.

Some past hurdles faced by Rockstar Games on using Xbox 360 as the leading platform for GTA IV also paves way why the company might use PS3 this time for GTA V. See what Dan Houser has to say during an interview on 2007 about the issues handled by the studio on Xbox 360 and this thread pertaining to Sam Houser’s view about developing GTA V on PS3.



Out from all the trailers and screenshots released for GTA V, there seems to be an overwhelming demand for it to run on PS3. Logic also dictates that if Rockstar Games wasn’t serious enough on using Playstation 3 as the leading platform, then why give the greenlight for Game Informer to test the game on PS3 instead of Xbox 360. Likewise, it’s easier to swallow the game was all build from the ground all the way to the top using Sony’s console this time.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean in any shape or form that Xbox 360 will be left out as an inferior device. In our previous report, we mentioned that graphics equality seems to be prevalent for GTA V this time as it’ll be the franchise’s last title to hit the current generation of consoles. Rockstar Games might as well do it good for both teams.

So what are your thoughts about GTA V and its leading platform? Show your comment below.


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