How To Install Pirated / Cracked Apps on Mac App Store: Full Guide and Instructions (Video)

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Just a couple of hours ago, the most anticipated Mac update for the 1st quarter of this year has been unleashed by Apple by introducing the Mac App store for its users. Obviously, there are a lot of added goodies with this update featuring a count of 1000 applications plus. Anyway, the rules for Apple’s ‘super strict’ policy would still be the same and just to prove that, some users managed to find some lump and bumps along the road when they’ve accidentally bypassed Mac App Store’s terms and condition by seeing this Error 100 message.

Anyway, today’s a new day, as the blogosphere confirms a hacker named “Dissident” who’s a member of Hackulous (a rogue hacker community infamous for bypassing Apple’s Digital Rights for its IOS) uploaded this video claiming they have already cracked Mac App Store’s security and they have a video to show you what they just meant.

So with this software, ‘kickback’, users would enable to install pirated applications on the Mac App Store and to put it in simpler terms, this is like the counterpart of ‘jailbreaking’ on iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad (but of course, the process is still yet undisclosed). Oh well, everything is still just a rumored-tip and this one won’t be released until February of this year.

For the second update, here’s a new way of installing pirated apps on the Mac App store without waiting for the KickBack. This one should just replace the signature files on your Mac App store’s free application into paid apps.

Here’s the full steps and instructions on how to hack your Mac App Store:

Check out the video.

Take note that once you do this, there’s no telling what would be the risk inflicted on your account on the Mac App store should Apple flagged this exploitation in the near future.

(source: gizmodo via gadgetsdna)


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